List of Roles

Chairman opens and leads the first part of the meeting. Asks for volunteers to fill the list of roles. Invites Word Master to present the word of the day. Prepares a simple question for the Introduction Circle. Invites Toast of the Day and Invocation speakers. Leads the business minutes. Introduces the evening´s Toastmaster.

Word Master introduces and explains the Word of the Day - a word that should help us increase our vocabulary - which is supposed to be used during the Introduction Circle and during the rest of the meeting.

Invocation a short 2-3 minute prepared speech explaining a thoughtful idea, which should motivate and inspire us to do our best.

Toast of Day a short prepared speech dedicated to somebody who or something that should be admired or respected.

Toastmaster guides the rest of the meeting. Introduces the Table Topics Master. Introduces Speakers and gives short introductions before each prepared speech about the speaker, the speech, and the time limits for the speech. At the end of the meeting, invites guests to express opinions about the meeting. Checks and completes the next week´s list of roles.

Table Topics Master prepares a topic and questions for impromptu (unprepared) speeches, usually several separate questions related to one topic. Reminds speakers to speak for 2 minutes with an opening, body and conclusion.

TT Evaluator evaluates the topic, the TT Masters´s presentation and the Table Topic Speakers.

Speaker presents a prepared speech, usually according to a Toastmaster Manual.

Evaluator evaluates the Speaker in written form and orally (2-3 min.) according to the Toastmaster Manual. There is one Evaluator for each speech.

Genereal Evaluator leads the evaluation part of the meeting. Evaluates the first part of the meeting and the Chairman/Toastmaster. Invites the Table Topics Evalator, Evaluators, Grammarian and Quiz Master to speak. Invites Toastmaster back when finished.

Timer measures time limits of both prepared and unprepared speeches and evaluators. Uses colour cards to show the limits (green, yellow, red). Counts votes for best Table Topic Speaker.

Grammarian tries to find grammar mistakes made during the whole session. Explains grammar rules used incorrectly.

Quiz Master prepares question about the entire meeting´s speeches and events and presents them to the group.

Closing Thought closes the meeting. Can be a short comment, joke, thought etc...


PRESIDENT – provides leadership and guidance the club needs to be succesful and makes sure the club supplies the positive, supportive environment its members need to fulfill their self-development goals.

VICE PRESIDENT EDUCATION – responsibility for club meeting programs; plans regular and special club meetings and other special events.

VICE PRESIDENT MEMBERSHIP – responsible for bringing new members into the club and ensuring that the club has a minimum of 20 members; makes sure all members are satisfied with the club and works with VPEducation to keep meeting diverse, entertaining and educational.

VICE PRESIDENT PUBLIC RELATIONS – responsible for attracting guests to meetings through publicity and public relations and for keeping club members informed of happenings in the club by newsletter or maintaining club Web site.

SECRETARY – keeps clear and accurate records of club meetings and club business, including membership records and correspondence.

TREASURER – keeps clear and accurate financial records of club business and sees that the club remains financially stable.

SERGEANT AT ARMS – maintains all club materials and equipment between meetings, arranges the room and equipmnent for the meeting, welcomes all guests and members to the meeting.