Second wine cellar

29.10.2009 23:29

Dear friends,


We had really exhausting and challenging time last few weeks because of D2 Area Conference. The event was very successful, wasn't it ? When I was in Pardubice last Saturday at the D Area contest, I heard several times a complimentary remark regarding the Contest in Olomouc.


Steve – our president – several times announced we deserve to celebrate this success. The best way how to do it could be friendly get-together in some wine cellar J


Last week I was in Slovácko area and visited a winery village Blatnice pod Sv. Antonínkem, so I got an idea to find some winery there. By the way – I came round at two wine-producers there and bought a carton of 6 bottles in each of them. I also asked them, where would be possible to taste wine, eat good meal and stay overnight. They got me several advices, but unfortunately I wasn’t successful.


Several days later I looked on the Internet and found this one - . It is in Blatnička (about 100km far from Olomouc). They have still some free capacity, but only for november 27th (Friday) !!! The whole evening menu - for example Slovácká šabla - costs now about 500,- CZK ( ) - the price at this website is already 2-3 years old. To stay overnight costs about 220,-.


We should decide about it as soon as possible !!! Steve even offer to hold this event instead of regular Thursday’s meeting (25.11.) ! Why not ? So try to think about this offer – it means – consider whether you will attend this event or not and if you will take your partner with. We have to discuss it at our next meeting.


If you will agree to hold the meeting in Blatnička, the final decision must be the exact number of people, because I have to book it on Thursday evening !!!


See you all on Thursday

Vlada - treasurer